What Is Up With Adderall And Weed?

What Is Up With Adderall And Weed?

Recent Studies

Previously, there were many studies carried out regarding weed and ADHD. Most of these were focused primarily on cannabis use disorder, which happens to be the official term of marijuana addiction.

In 2013, a study concluded that 35 percent of adolescents with ADHD had utilized some type of substance compared to 20 percent of teens without this medical condition.

Most teens confirmed using alcohol and cannabis. However, it is vital to understand that there is a very complex relationship associated with ADHD, Adderall and weed.

First Reaction

When diagnosed with ADD or ADHD, most patients will attempt to seek out a medical prescription for Ritalin or Adderall. Most patients will be diagnosed as children and they’ll often be put on these dangerous drugs at a very young age.

A recent study carried out by the CDC concluded that more than 10 percent of American children five to 17 had been diagnosed with ADHD between 2013 and 2015.

Adderall and other stimulants undoubtedly help these individuals.

These drugs can help people having difficulty paying attempt focus and complete their objectives.

Sadly, Adderall comes with an abundance of negative side effects, including headaches, delayed growth, nausea and even anxiety. Adderall is commonly used by students and adults, who need to stay up later to get their work done.

Getting an Adderall prescription is actually much easier than you could ever imagine. Addiction and dependence are two other risks associated with this medication.

Can Weed And Adderall Be Mixed Safely?

Mixing two medications is often a bad idea. This is definitely true, if you happen to suffer from heart problems. Nevertheless, mixing weed and Adderall is not considered very dangerous. The most startling side effect of mixing these two substances would be increased paranoia.

Many patients actually use weed to offset the negative side effects associated with Adderall. This would include trouble sleeping, anxiety, nausea, and loss of appetite. It is also possible to use weed after using Adderall to come back down and prepare for sleep. There is no evidence that mixing these two substances is dangerous.

Adderall vs weed

Is Weed An Adderall Replacement Or Vice Versa?

During the past few years, new studies have concluded that weed may actually be able to alleviate the common symptoms associated with ADHD. There are many people that use both drugs simultaneously. This could change in the future.

More individuals may begin switching from Adderall to weed.

Studies show that people suffering from ADHD symptoms can achieve the relief that they need by using weed alone. Marijuana is known to decrease irritability and hyperactivity, while also improving concentration.

Suffice to say, weed could very well be a good replacement for Adderall.

How They Impact The Brain

Weed and Adderall both impact the brain, but they do so differently. Adderall is effective for combating ADHD, because it is capable of stimulating the release of dopamine in the brain. Weed is slightly different, but it can also be effective for the same purpose.

It really depends on the ECS, endocannabinoids system, and how it interacts with dopamine. In 2009, a study found that people suffering from ADHD and ADD had higher levels of anandamide, which happens to be similar to THC.

Higher levels of anandamide will cause the brain to use the dopamine too quickly. It is possible to supplement the endocannabinoids system by utilizing THC. In return, this will increase dopamine concentrations and also activate the associated neurons.

Is Weed Safer Than Adderall?

Adderall has been approved by the FDA. In fact, the United States government claims that the drug is completely safe. Adderall is considered a Schedule II controlled substance. Weed is classified as a Schedule I drug and is considered to have no medical value.

Nevertheless, there are many risks associated with Adderall. In fact, the long-term effects associated with Adderall are much more severe than that of cannabis.

The long term effects of Adderall include hallucinations, suicidal thoughts, mood swings, heart disease and even panic attacks. The risks really go on and on. While it isn’t talked about very often, Adderall abuse is a serious problem in the United States.

Nevertheless, Adderall abuse is easily overshadowed by America’s opioid problem.

In 2011, it was estimated that America had nearly fifty million stimulant prescriptions. That number is far higher today and the United States prescribes stimulants more than any other country on the planet.

Tips For Replacing Adderall With Weed

The good news is that weed is undoubtedly a suitable replacement for Adderall. Nevertheless, making the switch won’t be easy for some individuals. This is the case, because weed is still illegal in many states.

If you happen to reside in a state where weed is legal, you’ll have plenty of options at your disposal. Choosing the right strain of marijuana is absolutely pertinent. Most individuals will receive enormous benefits by sticking with a sativa strain.

This is true, because these chemicals are very beneficial for enhancing mood and improving focus. Some of the best weed strains for replacing Adderall will include Sour Diesel, Cinex, Jack Herer, and Green Crack.

Just remember that smoking weed is not your only option. It is possible to consume weed through many other methods. For instance, you could invest in weed brownies, THC pills, oils or other alternatives. It’s important to know that you can easily fail a drug test with Adderall just like with weed.

In order to replace Adderall with weed, you’re going to need to experiment a bit to find the right dosage for your individualistic needs. It is wise to take notes along the way, until you pinpoint the very best dose.

You should also experiment with other forms of weed, until you find the one that you like best.

Best Options For Children

If you’re looking to treat a child with ADHD, you should consider CBD. Choosing cannabis oils with a CBD to THC ratio of 20:1 will help, without any psychoactive side effects. Many adults have achieved great results with these products.

On top of that, you can purchase CBD online and have it shipped to your door, as long as the THC content is .3 percent of less.

This ensures that everyone can realistically replace that dangerous Adderall with the much safer marijuana.