Marijuana Myths: Is Marijuana Really Bad for You?

Marijuana Myths: Is Marijuana Really Bad for You?

If you’re like me, you probably remember being in junior high school and hearing all these horror stories about how terrible marijuana is and how it will ruin your life.

You were told all sorts of awful things about marijuana, like: it kills brain cells, causes brain damage, ruins your memory, makes you lazy, and even might kill you. Well, are those facts, or are those myths created by bureaucrats, designed to scare you from ever smoking pot? Let’s see…

Marijuana Causes Brain Damage: The THC in marijuana acts the same as any chemical introduced into a person’s blood stream; it travels to the brain and stimulates particular receptors. It does not create toxins that will damage your brain. However, marijuana does stimulate alpha-wave activity in your brain, which has been known to be linked with human creativity.

Marijuana Impairs the Memory: Well, yes, it’s true that while under the influence of marijuana, a person’s short term memory can, and most likely, will be impaired; similar to that of a person who is drunk.

Although, after intoxication, studies have shown that a user’s memory is once again right as rain. Only in cases of prolonged usage (i.e., habitual use over the course of years) has any residual memory loss been observed.

Lung Cancer: Yes, smoking marijuana may cause lung cancer. Is that supposed to be shocking? After all, you’re breathing fire. On the other hand, eating some pot-brownies might make you fat, but certainly won’t tar-up your lungs.

Marijuana is a Gateway Drug: Highly debatable. Most marijuana smokers would probably agree that marijuana is their only drug of choice. There has never been any significant research conducted to prove, for a fact, that smoking marijuana leads to further or more dangerous drug use.

gateway drug

As more and more medical research is being conducted on marijuana, most scientists are finding that the pros of marijuana are starting to outweigh (the exaggerated) cons. Marijuana is currently being used by some doctors to treat epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, and glaucoma.

It’s also been used quite frequently to improve the appetite of AIDS patients, who typically have a difficult time eating as a result of their illness.

Like most things in this world, don’t knock it till you try it. Just because something is illegal doesn’t mean it’s bad or bad for you. In many parts of the country, it’s illegal to drive without a seat belt, but that doesn’t negate the fact that seat belts have also decapitated people.

There are plenty of legal drugs that can probably kill you a whole lot faster than marijuana. In my opinion, poor, little Mary Jane has just gotten a bad rap.