Legalize Cannabis in America

Legalize Cannabis in America

Marijuana Should Be Legalized in the United States

America is often referred to as the land of the free yet we have many unjust laws such as marijuana prohibition which restrict our rights to be free. What is the rationale for making it illegal to smoke marijuana?

How does this make any sense in a supposedly free society? It can’t possibly be said that marijuana is illegal to protect the safety of the citizens because far more unhealthy and dangerous drugs such as cigarettes and alcohol are legal.

Both of which kill many Americans every day mostly through health complications for cigarettes and through drunk driving accidents for alcohol. So what then?

Why is it illegal to enjoy marijuana in the comfort of your own home when you will be harming no one? It amazes me that anyone can think it is ok for this to be illegal. It really does. Freedom should be our number one goal in this society.

People must be free from societal control by the government in order to live fully. We cannot sit idly by while innocent people are put in jail for doing nothing wrong.

History of Marijuana Laws in the

Marijuana was made illegal nationwide based on the 1937 Marijuana Tax Act bill which was passed on the grounds that marijuana caused “murder, insanity and death.” Clearly this is a complete fabrication and utter nonsense.

In 1969 due to the good work of Timothy Leary this act was found to be unconstitutional since it violated the 5th amendment of the constitution.

Unfortunately the Controlled Substances Act took its place in 1970. Marijuana was ridiculously placed in the Schedule I group. The criteria for being a Schedule I drug is three parts.

1. The drug has a high potential for abuse.

2. The drug has no accepted medical use in the .

3. There is a lack of safety of accepted safety of the drug under medical supervision. Clearly if marijuana is made a schedule I drug using these three criteria then cigarettes and alcohol should also be.

Marijuana unlike cigarettes and alcohol does have medical uses. Believe this or not Cocaine is actually a schedule II drug. Yes according to our government cocaine is less dangerous than marijuana?

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Why Marijuana Should Be Legal


Keeping marijuana illegal is expensive. All the wasted tax dollars that could be spent on teaching our people and fighting the true criminals who actually hurt our society. Not to mention that if marijuana were legal it could be taxed which would mean marijuana could help bring money into government programs instead of being a cause of waste.


Prohibition doesn’t work. Marijuana is all over the place in this country. There is some evidence that prohibition actually increases use rather than decreases. Marijuana is easier for many high school students to get than alcohol.



The most compelling reason why marijuana should be legal to me is that it’s just the right thing. We are supposed to live in a free society, why is the government telling us what we can put in our own bodies?

We are adults. We are allowed to put things we know cause death in our body like cigarettes and alcohol, why are we not allowed to put something in our body that has absolutely no link to death? That’s just insane. Seriously. It’s insane.

Medicinal Use

Marijuana can help sick people. That’s different than cigarettes and alcohol which just MAKES sick people. See the difference there?

What To Do

Write your congressman letting him know that you are in favor of the legalization of marijuana and tell him exactly why.