What You Must Know About Yellow Vein Kratom

What You Must Know About Yellow Vein Kratom

 Yellow vein kratom is a strain of kratom that has been growing in popularity lately. Some users even the older users of kratom aren’t aware of the yellow strains because they are considered such a rarity. This strain is truly unique because it is not actually derived from a separate plant like the green, red and white strains are.

In order to produce a yellow strain the grower of the plant will have to practice a different drying technique, which changes the color of the veins. This means the yellow strain can come from a green, white or red strain.

A Look At The Different Yellow Vein Strains

Yellow vein kratom is totally unique as it can actually be produced from the red, white or green strains. It can even come from a combination of both or all three. This is one thing that truly makes this strain a rarity. The technical drying process is what causes the veins to change their color into yellow. Here is a look at some of the yellow strains that are available.

  • Yellow Vietnam Kratom – One of the unique things about this strain is that it contains 25 percent more alkaloids than the kratom strains that are found in Thailand. This is possible because the rich location that it is grown in. The alkaloids are the natural chemicals that are found within the leaves that offer the stimulation and mood enhancement effects. This strain has the ability to increase mental energy, focus, relive pain, boost the mood and provide physical relaxation.
  • Yellow Sumatra Kratom – The yellow Sumatra strain is a true rarity, as its leaves are derived from natural Sumatra leaves. It usually is made from a combination of both the best white leave and green leaves. The leaves are usually plucked when they are young and new. This combination of two strains and the unique drying process give this strain some distinct qualities. The strain can lift your mood, provide moderate stimulation, boost energy levels, provide calming effects and give you feelings of euphoria.
  • Yellow Borneo Kratom – The yellow Borneo strain comes directly from the red vein Borneo leaf. The leaves are usually plucked when they are older and then they are put through a complicated drying process. Due to this process it gives the strain a unique fragrance. The drying process also alters the alkaloids in leaf. This strain is much better known for its relaxation and euphoric effects. However, it does have the unique ability to boost creativity while making you more alert.

A Look At The Effects Of The Yellow Vein Strain

The yellow vein kratom strains are really unique because of the drying process that they go through. This really alters the alkaloids found within the leaves. The yellow vein kratom strains really bring out the relaxing and euphoric side of kratom.

The strain also has the ability to increase your energy while making you more alert at the same time. While the strain is not really known for it pain relieving effects, it does have the ability to offer users some pain relief. It has also been said that the yellow strains have the ability to settle and soothe the stomach.

Yellow Vein Kratom

The Unique Benefits Of The Yellow Vein Strain

The yellow vein strain is a true rarity and really unique. The combination of different strains and the altered alkaloids really allow the strain to provide the user with some unique benefits.

  • Lifting The Mood – The yellow strains really have the ability to maintain the equilibrium. This not only lifts the mood of the users, but it prevents them from acting out in a harsh manner. With the strain you can gain control of your mood swings and outbreaks. The Sumatra strain is probably the best recommendation if you are looking for these effects.
  • Euphoria – The staple of the yellow strains are their ability to provide feeling of euphoria. They don’t just provide euphoric feelings, but they provide just the right amount with moderate stimulation. This provides the user with an extremely low risk of side effects.
  • Energy Booster – When partaking in the yellow strains you will get a boost to your optimism and your stress will be relieved at the same time, which will turn into an energy boost. This is the perfect thing to help you get your day started.

The Proper Dosage For The Yellow Strain

For most general strains of the yellow variety they can produce effects that last as long a three hours. However, there are some strains that can last anywhere from four to six hours. That being said there are a variety of things that can effect the duration and the effects that you receive.

It is recommended for users to start out with three to seven grams to achieve mild to moderate effects. If you want those euphoric feelings you should take anywhere from seven to ten grams.

Yellow Vein Kratom Review: Conclusion

Yellow strains are truly rare and if you can get your hands on these strains, you are truly going to be pleased with the results. Just remember that if you want to best results possible you are going to want to shop with a reputable vendor that uses the right drying and cultivating techniques.

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