Use Kratom To Treat Depression

Use Kratom To Treat Depression

It is no huge secret that depression is a growing concern throughout the world. Not only are millions of individuals suffering with the condition on a daily basis, but also it often times lead to negative side effects that could eventually results in death.

Unfortunately, depression doesn’t discriminate. It will attack anyone of any age, race, or gender, which makes it even all that more dangerous. That being said, you might be surprised to learn that Kratom is proving to have astronomical effects when it comes to treating depression.

Sure, Kratom is far from being a one-stop cure, but it can greatly reduce symptoms and side effects.

Why Do People Get Depressed?

In order to truly understand depression, you need to understand exactly why individuals get depressed. The truth of the matter is that depression can come in a variety of different from that can last for different time periods.

Some individuals might suffer from depression side effects for weeks, while others might have to deal with them for a decade. Some of the symptoms can be a reaction to stimulus conditions and others can be a reaction to environmental conditions. Unfortunately, medical professionals still know very little about some of the depression condition, which is making matter worse.

Due to the fact that the causes of depression can vary, certain treatments might be required in different situations. One individual might respond to one or two treatments, while another other one won’t even begin to notice the difference with the same treatment.

Some treatments even cause individuals to suffer from unwanted side effects that lead to suicidal tendencies. While professional still know very little about the condition, it have become pretty evident that Kratom can be a huge positive when it comes to treating the symptoms and side effects.

The Methods Of Administration

When it comes to treating depression the correct dosage or medication and the property amount of therapy is essential for a full recovery. And, the same thing can be said when it comes to administering Kratom.

However, there are several things that need to be considered when administering Kratom. You always need to consider the dosage, the intervals or usage, and the strain that you are administering.

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Knowing The Proper Dosage

Finding and knowing the proper dosage for treating depression with Kratom can be one of the trickier aspects. Everyone has a different reaction to Kratom and this is what makes it so difficult to find the right dose.

Weight, brain chemistry, method of consumption, and frequency of use can all play major roles in the dosage. Whatever the situation is, it is always best to start out low and work your way up until you find the desired results. The process might be time consuming, but it will be worth it in the end.

That being said, some experts have developed a rule of thumb as where to start. Just keep in mind that this is just a starting guide and can be altered. Adults that weigh around 150 pounds should take two to three grams for a light effect.

A moderate effect would be three to five grams and if you are looking to get a heavy effect you should consume anywhere from five to seven Grams.

Frequency Of Use

The frequency of use for treating depression with Kratom is highly debated throughout the community. Due to this aspect many experts will recommend taking the drug on an irregular basis or taking it in conjunction with other supplements and medications.

At the end of the day, the number one reason that any individual would want to take Kratom less than daily is because of the tolerance levels. Just like any medication, the more your take, the more your will build a tolerance to it.

This will eventually lessen its anti-depressant effects. However, there are some individuals that have utilized Kratom on a daily basis for long periods of time and haven’t reported any diminishing results. Of course, there aren’t many people out there this fortunate, but there are some.

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The Best Types And Strains For Depression

Most experts will argue that choose the best strain of Kratom is essential when it comes to properly treating depression. It is no mistake that there are a variety of different strains available and each one can be beneficial in their very own way.

Choosing the right strain could come down to the same process as finding the right dosage. You just might have to do a little bit of experimenting until you find the desired results. Just keep in might that if one strain works well at first it might eventually lose its steam.

Unfortunately, this has been reported amongst some patients. Nonetheless, in order to choose the right strain, you need to know and understand all your available options.

White Veins – White Veins has without a doubt had the most promising results when it comes to treating depression. This probably has something to do with its less sedating effects and its ability to create less of a tolerance. While taking this strain many individuals have reported subtle and energetic feels, which is somewhat similar to a natural euphoric feeling. Along with this, White Veins doesn’t seem to lose its potency over time, which is something you might experience with strains like Red Veins.

Green Veins – Green Veins is not really a strain that is well known for depression, but some individuals have reported promising results it. While Green Veins can be extremely sedating, there are some strains out there that are not so potent. If you want to avoid the sedating effect, you should consider the Green Vein Thai or the Green Vein Malaysian.

Thai And Maeng Da Strains – If you are looking for energy and pep, you don’t have any better option on the market than the Thai and Maeng Da Strains. These strains not only provide users with a high energy, but they can produce a euphoric feeling as well. The only probably is that these strains aren’t really intended for daily use or long-term use because the effects come on quick and leave quick, which will cause individuals to quickly build a tolerance if they aren’t careful.