Kratom Weight Loss: My experience&Recommended Strains

Kratom Weight Loss: My experience&Recommended Strains

You’ve probably already seen people talking up kratom weight loss benefits. It’s the same with CBD for weight loss, it’s something that could be true, but is it going to be worth experimenting with, and will the benefits be worth the cost?

Kratom and weight loss do have a bit of a complex relationship. It’s not as straightforward as perhaps people think it’s going to be. So what I’m going to do in this post is to cut through the rubbish, and get to the truth.

People will tell you that a certain sort of kratom is the best kratom for weight loss. But is that the truth, or are they just trying to sell you kratom?

I’ll also explore exactly why kratom weight loss benefits could exist, and if there could be enough of the beneficial side-effect of using kratom to make it worth trying.

The Benefits & Effects Of Kratom

Kratom comes in three flavors, three different strains based on the color of the vein. White, green and red.

Generally, you will get the following effects from these three different types of kratom:

  1. White kratom tends to be uplifting like a large caffeine hit. Some strains at high-dose can be euphoric, overwhelming. They bring energy, focus, alertness, and an improvement in mood.

On the downside, white kratom can be negative for people with anxiety, because it can make them more anxious and jittery. Also, take too much of it, and you won’t be able to sit around at work for example.

  1. Red kratom tends to be the opposite of white, or at least mostly. You will still see improvements in focus and mood, but you’ll also feel very chilled out, and also you will benefit from significant pain relieving effects.

At the higher dose, red kratom can be overwhelming in terms of its ability to chill you out. It can make you really tired, and unable to do anything.

  1. In the middle, you have green kratom. It’s mostly more mild, at the same sort of dose as green or red, and it tends to have more of the spectrum of effects that sits in the middle between white and red.

So that’s the effects generally of kratom. But how do kratom and weight loss work? Well, the effects of kratom I’ve just mentioned to you can also feed into why kratom can potentially help you to eat less.

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Kratom & Weight Loss: Any Truth In It?

So this is the million-dollar question really, is there any link between kratom and weight loss?

Well, the relationship between kratom and weight loss is slightly complicated. It’s a bit like a CBD. It’s a bit similar in that respect.

I’ve already written about using CBD for weight loss, and the topic is similar to kratom. Kratom, like CBD, doesn’t directly influence weight loss. Although there is some anecdotal evidence that CBD can interact with the burning of new brown fat in the body, that’s not the case with kratom.

However, both interact with the endocannabinoid system in the body. The receptors they interact with regulate various messages, including hunger. So by smoothing out these messages, they can help to regulate the hunger message, which can lead to us eating less.

That’s what the preliminary scientific evidence is saying both about cannabis alkaloids, and kratom alkaloids.

How To Use Kratom For Weight Loss

Now I’ve talked about how there is some evidence that kratom can work in the body to regulate the messages that tell us if we are hungry, or not, let’s talk about the practical use of kratom weight loss strategies.

I’ll tell you from my personal experience that kratom has helped me to lose weight. In fact, I’ve lost about ten pounds in two months before.

The reason for this is that when you take kratom it stops you feeling as hungry as you would be. Now whether this is because of what I’ve just mentioned about how it interacts in the body, or just because it’s an appetite suppressant in the stomach, I don’t know, I’m telling you after being kratom, I don’t want to eat for up to 6 hours.

I found that taking some kratom in the late afternoon, just a few grams, would not only help to chill me out for the evening, one of the main effects of red kratom, but I also just wasn’t hungry. I didn’t want to eat an evening meal at all.

Which meant I didn’t have a full stomach when I went to bed, which is one of the major reasons why people put on weight because they are processing calories at a time when their body is not burning them as much.

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Kratom Weight Loss Dosage

If you are reading about kratom weight loss dosage, then you going to read a lot of crazy stuff, which I really do disagree with as an experienced user.

As I said, I lost about 10 pounds in two months, just because kratom lowered my desire to eat in the evenings.

The thing is, you don’t want to go crazy. You certainly don’t want to be taking white kratom in the evening in any huge dose, and even most green kratom is just uplifting enough to make rest and sleep problematic.

So if you’re going to take it in the evening, if you are going to do that kratom weight loss strategy, then I would suggest a moderate dose of a smooth red kratom, something like Red Thai kratom.

You want to go too strong in your dose, because it will be overwhelming, and you’ll find yourself just collapsing in peace, unable to do anything.

You may not find that too much of a problem, but I’m suggesting it should be a smaller dose that just takes the edge off everything, keeps you relaxed, and suppresses your appetite to eat for a few hours.

Everyone is different, nobody is the same, and more importantly, no kratom is the same. If you’re taking good quality, pure kratom (check my list of trusted kratom vendors), then I recommend a dose of about 4-5 grams early evening, that will both relax you and suppress appetite.

The Best Kratom For Weight Loss

I’ve read people talking about recommended kratom strains weight loss for years. They will tell you anything to sell you kratom.

As someone who has used kratom for several years, and has now realized how it can help suppress appetite, particularly if used in a structured way at the end of the day, the type of kratom doesn’t really matter that much.

It will also depend on when you want to take kratom. During the day, I found that green Malay, green Maeng Da, and some white strains like Borneo do take the hunger away.

But because they can be uplifting, they may not be suitable for the evening, it will depend on your experimentation.

So I’d suggest those as a starting point during the day, and if they work, you could try them in the evening.

If you are dead set on suppressing your evening appetite, then you might be better off with a smooth red like Red Thai kratom, or at least something like Green Malay.

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What To Do If You Want To Try Kratom For Weight Loss

As a conclusion, in terms of talking about kratom and weight loss, we’ve established that it is possible to suppress your appetite using it. It’s a beneficial side benefit for some people.

And we have also established that there is no best kratom for weight loss, it’s a very personal thing, and it will depend on who you are, the quality of the kratom, and the time of day to take it.

If you want to experiment with kratom and weight loss, then I would suggest you start off by buying a couple of kratom variety packs. That way you can get a few grams of all the major types of white, green and red kratom, and experiment over a few weeks.

By buying variety packs, you get to try everything, but without a huge financial outlay. That’s how I started, and after some experimentation, I started to find out what works best for me, and how I felt at certain times a day.

So there you go, that’s my experiences and knowledge about using kratom for weight loss, and all I can say is that the best way to find that will work for you is to get hold of a variety pack or two and just go for it. It really is a cheap way of finding out if it can help you lose weight.

As long as you are careful around the type of kratom you take, the dose you take, and the time of day, then it’s pretty safe to experiment with kratom for weight loss.

I would just say though that if it is the first time you’ve ever taken kratom, then you should do it on a day off, so that you can experience the effects, without feeling pressured to do anything else, like work will drive a car.