Kratom For Weight Loss

Kratom For Weight Loss

There are tons of weight loss products, programs, and supplements available on the market.

If you have used many of these products you have probably had little success and maybe even suffered some unwanted side effects in the process. If you want a more natural and organic alternative, you should consider Kratom.

More Natural And Organic

It is no secret that losing weight takes physical activity and exercise along with careful eating.

Most individuals struggle with the appetite side of things, as suppressing your appetite can be a very difficult thing to do if you are used to eating whatever you want.

This is probably why most individuals turn to dietary supplements and pills. Unfortunately, most of these weight loss products are packed with enormous amounts of caffeine and other chemical substances. Obviously, these substances are not natural or healthy for you.

And, this is exactly where Kratom can come in handy. It is not only a natural herb that can lower your waist, but it is all around healthier because it is a natural herb.

Know The Right Strains

Kratom is an extremely versatile herb, as it is available in a variety of different strains. These strains grow in different parts of the world and they are specifically engineered to give off different effects.

If you are interested in taking Kratom to aid in weight loss it will be imperative that you know exactly which strains to go for and which ones to avoid.

  • The Maeng Da Strain – If you speak to any long time user or expert of Kratom they will tell you that the Maeng Da Strain is without a doubt the strongest strain available today. Not only does it produce extreme calming effects, but also it can provide users with the utmost energy. This could be just the very thing that you need to kick your metabolism and workout routine into the next gear.
  • The White Vein Strain – While the White Vein strain is mostly used to aid in pain and anxiety relief, it can aid in your weight loss quest. The strain is also known to relax the user while providing them with sufficient amounts of energy.
  • The Thai Strains – There are a variety of Thai strains that can be useful when it comes to weight loss. However, the Red Thai Strain will probably be the most effective on the market, as it is highly known for its appetite suppressant properties. In addition to this, it can boot energy levels while providing the user with stimulating properties as well.

different kratom strains

Which Kratom Strains Should You Avoid?

It is just as important to know which strains of Kratom to avoid for weight loss. Some trains produce sedating and calming effects that might spike your appetite or induce the opposite effects that you are seeking. So, which strains do you need to avoid?

  • The Red Veins Strains – The Thai strains and Red Thai are considered of the Red Vein family, but those strains can be extremely useful when it comes to weight loss. However, all other strains in the Red Vein family should be avoided, as they are generally used to promoted relaxtion and emotional pleasure. They would greatly slow your metabolism and kill your energy.
  • The Borneo And Indo Strains – The Borneo and Indo strains are extremely similar and highly used for their painkilling benefits. In fact, the only difference between the two is the time that it takes for the effects to kick in. Even though the White Vein strain was also a painkilling strain it also produced energy. That is not the case with the Borneo and Indo strains. They kill pain, but don’t produce any energy.
  • The Bali Strains – The Bail strains are known for their ability to relive pain and anxiety. They also suppress the appetite. So, why would you want to avoid these strains if they are capable of suppressing the appetite? Well, they impeded motor functions, which will completely hinder you ability to exercise.

Always Know The Right Dosage

In addition to knowing which and which strain not to take, you also need to know how much Kratom to consume.

The dosage that you take can play a huge role on the overall effects that you receive. For instance, with the White Vein strain if you take too much, you might end up with more of the painkilling effects than the energy boosting effects.

In addition to this, you might receive some unwanted side effects. Since the main goal is stimulation it is best to take the herb in smaller doses. Higher doses will give off more of a sedative and relaxing effect.

For weight loss purposes most experts would suggest taking anywhere from two to five grams for every dose. If you are new or somewhat intermediate to Kratom use, you most certainly want to start with two grams. However, most experienced users might want to up their dosages to five grams.

Kratom can be mixed with a variety of health juices, teas, or even coffee drinks to help kill its natural tangy taste.

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How Exactly Does Kratom Help Your Shred Weight?

As this point you are probably wondering if Kratom is as good as it sounds and how it actually can help you lose weight.

Well, as you have already learned when taken in the right dosages it can suppress the appetite and provide you with the boosts of energy that you need to get off the couch or in the gym.

However, one of biggest differences between Kratom and those other weight loss supplements is that it doesn’t pose any harmful threats, when taken in the right amounts.

The problem with other weight loss products is that they usually contain excessive amounts of caffeine.

All caffeine really does at a certain point is trick the body into thinking that it has energy when it actually does not.

That is not the case with Kratom, however. When you combine this will the fact that you will be consuming far less carbohydrates and calories, you will reach you weight loss goals before you know it.

This is what makes Kratom for weight loss perfect.