Why Magic Mushrooms Are So Good For Studying Sessions

Why Magic Mushrooms Are So Good For Studying Sessions

Most people believe that shrooms or magic mushrooms are all about tripping and experiencing psychedelic effects. Believe it or not, they can also be great for other purposes. They could play a vital role in memory, learning and studying.

New Research

Magic mushrooms contain psilocybin. This specific chemical gives it the ability to cause the user to enter an intense psychedelic state of mind. People throughout the centuries have used shrooms. They’re just as popular today as they were in the past.

Unfortunately, shrooms are actually illegal in many areas. Still, it is important to understand that new research has concluded that magic mushrooms may very well offer some benefits. They may be effective for combating a few specific diseases. They may also be able to aid learning and studying.

The Possibilities

Research has also shown that mushrooms may have the power to alleviate depression and anxiety. In the bigger scope of things, this may mean that it could have numerous benefits for the brain. Some studies have even shown that mushrooms could potentially help aid the development of new brain cells.

With this in mind, there is a real possibility that mushrooms could completely change the way people study and look at information. That could result in improved creativity and productivity. More about that will be provided below.

Consuming Shrooms Before A Big Exam?

Most people would agree that it would be insane to consume mushrooms right before a huge exam. This is definitely the case, if you’re going to be taking huge doses. You might not even get your name right, if you do this.

Some people claim that taking mushrooms during a study session actually made it much easier for them to learn new concepts. However, other people claim that it creates a major distraction. Obviously, taking a lot of mushrooms before a test is going to be a big mistake and it probably isn’t going to lead to a higher grade. However, small doses may very well be able to help.

At this point in time, there simply is not enough evidence to determine what how and if the shrooms could help. However, a few studies claim that mushrooms can have a positive effect on the connectivity and productivity of brain cells. Just remember that the majority of these studies were only conducted on animals and not humans.

shrooms for studying

Supports The Development Of Ideas

Studies have concluded that a single dosage may very well cause the user to experience personality changes. It could impact the user’s ability to maintain an open mind, as well as their feelings and imagination. It is believed that shrooms could prove to be a good study aid, because they’re capable of aiding the creation of ideas and thoughts.

This doesn’t mean that this substance would be a good idea for exams, but it could make studying more productive and effective. It may help the user retain and recall the data that they’re studied.

Improving Results By Taking Shrooms After An Exam?

There is a possibility that shrooms could help the user study and get a better grade on their exams. It is also true that shrooms could potentially aid the user after an exam. After a tough exam, you’re probably want to want to unwind and relax.

Shrooms can create a euphoric feeling and help you do just that. It is unknown whether or not shrooms could potentially help the user improve their test scores. Still, there is some small evidence that supports the idea. It is also important to understand that there are too many variables that will play a role in determine what you’re going to experience when using shrooms.

Therefore, one person may receive the results that they’re after. Another individual may have a bad trip. And, the third individual might be too distracted to get anything done. There is also a possibility that the results could depend on the subject at hand and many other variables.

The Effects Of Psilocybin

A scientific paper recently detailed the effects of psilocybin on mice. The study attempted to determine what impact psilocybin had when it comes to creating new neurons inside of the brain. It also analyzed how the neurons impacted the rats’ fear conditioning.

It was concluded that the chemical actually did stimulate the growth of new brain cells. It does this by interacting with receptors in the brain’s hippocampus. This part of the brain is important, because it is involved with motivation, emotions and memory.

Sadly, there isn’t enough research to determine if the same would be true for humans. Nevertheless, the evidence does suggest that magic mushrooms could prove to be very beneficial for humans at some point in the future.

Rearranging The Brain

Another study found that psilocybin could potentially alter the way the brain communications. This could allow the brain to reach regions that were previously ignored. As a part of the study, fifteen individuals agreed to take psilocybin.

Afterwards, their brain activity was analyzed. It was determined that the participants experienced greater communications across their entire brain. This is why many researchers have begun wondering whether or not magic mushrooms could potentially help treat depression, as well as many other psychological problems.

By making the brain communicate more effectively, mushrooms may also give you the ability to process ideas and store and recall memories much easier.

Combating Cancer

Another thing to note is that psilocybin may actually be able to help patient’s suffering from cancer. It is believed that the active ingredient found in magic mushrooms could actually decrease the anxiety and depression levels in cancer patients.

Exams can undoubtedly cause anxiety and depression. When you’re feeling down in the dumps or extreme anxiety, you’re not going to be able to study well. If you take a small amount of shrooms, there is a possibility that you’ll be able to overcome these problems, so you can cram in more information. In return, this could help you get a better score on your exam.

Big And Small Doses

The unfortunate truth is that most research studies have focused intently on consuming larger doses of shrooms. In order to achieve the benefits that you’re after, it might be better to keep the dose to a minimum.

At smaller doses, there is a real possibility that mushrooms could prove to be an excellent study aid. This is why many people are turning to microdosing. As the name implies, this means that the user will actually consume very little. In return, this ensures that they do not actually experience any psychedelic effects or enter that state. By taking such lower doses, there is a good chance that the user will get the results that they’re after, without being distracted by entering a psychedelic state of mind.


Studies About Microdosing

Sadly, there haven’t been any research studies regarding the impacts of microdosing and shrooms. Still, there are plenty of accounts from shroom users. Individuals who microdose shrooms often feel like they’re slightly better than normal.

Plus, they have not reported experiencing any social or personal problems. And, they have never reported experiencing any work-related problems while taking shrooms at micro levels.

Microdosing might be the solution, because it doesn’t cause any disturbances. And, it is true that the benefits of using shrooms could possibly improve the user’s learning capabilities.

While it is not a proven fact and everyone is going to experience something different, there is a good chance that microdoses of shrooms could increase energy levels and make you far more effective when studying. Again, additional research is needed to determine whether or not this is actually true.

How Often To Dose And When To Dose

If you ask any expert in psilocybin, they will tell you that anywhere between .2 and .5 grams is the recommended dosage when it comes to increasing brain activity. Just remember that you need to keep in mind that every individual is different, as body weight, sensitivity, and tolerance can all play factors in the effects that you experience.

This is why it is always best to look for a specific routine when it comes to micro dosing mushrooms. Many experts will recommend taking a micro dose one day, observing the effects the next day, and taking the third day off.

This every other day cycle can be repeated for ten weeks. Just remember to take highly detailed notes and track your results, since it could be the breaking point between your success and failure.