Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Seeds: Legal Psychedelic?

Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Seeds: Legal Psychedelic?

Unlike magic mushrooms, very few people have ever heard of the Hawaiian baby woodrose plant and the effects it can have.

It’s little-known that not only can the seeds produce and LSD-like high, but surprisingly it’s also legal in many areas of world where similar natural highs like magic mushrooms and salvia divinorum are illegal.

So what is the Hawaiian baby woodrose, and how can it seeds produce such dramatic effects while escaping the lawmaking scrutiny of other similar substances?

What Is Hawaiian Baby Woodrose?

The Hawaiian baby woodrose plant is a perennial climbing vine that produces beautiful flowers and is grown for visual pleasure in many parts of the world. This appears to be part of the reason why it’s not targeted as a controlled substance, it would incidentally incriminate millions of innocent and unaware growers.

Also known as the elephant creeper, it has been known for a long time that the seeds can produce a powerful psychedelic experience, which is why it has been linked for centuries to spiritual awakening.

As early as the sixth century, Huna shamans in northern India used Hawaiian baby Woodrose seeds to produce a psychedelic experience that allowed them to predict the future.

hawaiian baby woodrose seeds

How To Use Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Seeds

You may not want to predict the future, but you could want to experience the high that the group of alkaloids within Hawaiian baby woodrose seeds can produce.

Hawaiian baby woodrose can produce a very powerful trip, similar to using LSD, which can last up to 8 hours. The effects can include euphoria and visual experiences, with a sometimes significant altered perception of time and space.

Especially in the beginning, you should only use 3 seeds and have a sitter present (same if you smoke Salvia Divinorum). Do not underestimate the power in the seeds.

A lot of people report nausea when using Hawaiian baby woodrose seeds, but this is caused by the husk and the fact that a lot of people just chew the seeds rather than refining them.

A better way is to grind the seeds up in a standard coffee grinder and soak them in purified water overnight.

All you have to do then is to filter it through a standard coffee filter. The liquid you produce will contain enough of the active ingredients to get you high.

In terms of the maximum dose, people report extreme experiences and reactions using around eight seeds, so be wary of going near that level unless you are experienced.

The Legal Status Of Hawaiian Baby Woodrose

Amazingly considering the aggressiveness of the experience you can have using Hawaiian baby woodrose seeds, the plant is not listed as a control plant in the USA.

In the USA it’s completely legal for both live plants and seeds to be sold.

However, one of the components in the seeds, called LSA, is a schedule III substance. This would mean that if you are caught extracting it from the seeds then you are in breach of the law. However, as a private individual, there appear to be no known convictions are doing this.

Internationally, countries where most substances are banned do not have the same reach for this plant. Countries like Australia, Germany, and United Kingdom do not list this plant is a controlled substance in any legislation.

In Europe, Italy and Poland do list Hawaiian AB Woodrose seeds as controlled narcotic.